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    The book I am currently reading is Insurgent by veronica Roth. Currently, Tris and Four, along with the rest of the Dauntless, are running from the Erudite faction who is trying to take over. My predictions were right because I had a feeling that the Erudite faction was evil. I knew this because the was foreshadowing whenever Tris's mom asked Caleb to research the Erudite. There are a lot of parts to the book where I was able to visualize. One example is whenever Tris was going into the simulation and it clearly described what it looked like for her since she is divergent. The simulation revolved around her fears which were clearly presented in the book. One of the most described fears was whenever she had to kill her family. She chose to not kill them and have herself killed instead which didn't actually happen because it was a simulation.

    My partner for the book project was Lexi who also read a book by John Greene. Her book was Turtles All The Way Down and I read The Fault In Our Stars. Both books were similar because they both revolved around growing up to quickly and not having a good childhood. In both books, the characters dealt with something that kept them from living a normal life. In my book, Hazel had cancer and didn't have a long life-expectancy. In Lexi's book, the main character didn't have a normal childhood because she had bad anxiety and OCD.

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The two novels are different though, because my book, The Fault In Our Stars, ended up with a death, but Lexi's book didn't. Even though her book didn't have a death, both books didn't have happy endings.

   You are able to use the Booklikes site to find a book through your dashboard, visit blogs and timelines, and blog and book boxes. One book I found by using this is Maddie's book When I Was The Greatest by Jason Reynolds. Finding bookson Booklikes is super easy and helpful!