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Olivia Kadylak


The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Hello, My name is Olivia Kadylak and I am in 8th grade. My favorite genres to read are fantasy and realistic fiction. My favorite books are all of the ones in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. My favorite time to read is at night and when I am at the beach on vacation. The book I am reading for the book project we are doing in school right now is The Fault In Our Stars by John Greene.


   I haven't started The Fault In Our Stars yet, but I plan on starting it tonight. Lexi recommended this book to me saying that it was really good and that she liked the author's writing style. Not only did I choose to read the book because of that, but I also wanted to read it because it has real world events and I think it is important to read books like these because they remind us all that there won't always be a happy ending to things. By reading books like these, we will all understand there is more than just made up situations from the imagination inside of a book. I think it will be interesting to read about characters who struggle with huge issues nd plots that are different from those in other books. John Greene is known for writing about more mature subjects and I thin that a lot of times people think that is unnecessary, but it can actually be very beneficial to learn bout these things. From what I have heard, the main character has lung cancer which is a very serious subject to deal with. By reading books like these, you can spread awareness about these situations. Overall this looks like a very great book! I can't wait to start reading The Fault In Our Stars tonight!